water design & engineering

       Returning clean water to nature is our mission.

Wars, famines, devastating epidemics, all will become a reality unless it is to find a solution to prevent the growing water crisis. In 2030, world demand will exceed the current natural reserves of more than 40%.

Lack of water will inevitably lead to economic collapse, if radical measures are not taken, no civilization can exist for a long time without water.

Clean water is the most important natural resource on our planet, it quickly comes to an end.

Wars, famines, devastating epidemics, everything will become a reality unless a quick solution to the growing water crisis is found. In 2030, global demand is higher than the natural reserves, up to 40%.

To confirm what has been said some shocking examples:

  • Now, 1.6 billion people live in an area with an absolute shortage of water.
  • Over the past 100 years, global water consumption has quadrupled and continues to grow rapidly.On our planet, a child dies every 15 seconds due to illness associated with poor water quality or it's disadvantage.
  • In 2050, India, the second most populous country in the world, will be completely dry and without water in general.
  • Approximately 80% of the rivers in China are so polluted that they lost their lives and are unsuitable for use as a source of water for people.
  • Today, China imports more water than the US uses oil.
  • Many of the larger rivers do not flow into the ocean, for example, in the US is the Colorado River, in the Middle East is the Jordan River.
  • Some countries in arid regions are forced to abandon their agro-irrigation programs and are completely dependent on food imports. This, for example, is Saudi Arabia.
  • Because of high investment costs and inefficient use of energy, modern technologies of water desalination can not be considered as an absolute solution to the problem of lack of drinking water on our planet.

So, providing sufficient drinking water for the inhabitants of our planet should be an absolute priority, otherwise humanity will cease to exist within a few decades.

                             How to do that?

Step 1

Make it so that waste water of our civilization is purified according to the document about the best available techniques (BREF), with minimal energy costs and 100% recycling of generated waste.

Step 2

To protect all sources of drinking water from small wells across the river to the ocean.

Step 3

Reduce water use, in particular, eliminated water losses during transportation. Use recirculation of water, in the form of so-called "gray water" instead of "drinking water", where conditions permit.

Step 4 

 To revitalize the dry regions of our planet in such a way as to increase water retention and reduce evaporation. The process of sahelisation in equatorial Africa and South America should be immediately stopped.

Step 5 

 It is necessary to develop and use technologies that use low-potential heat from "waste" to desalinate sea water for drinking purposes. To prohibit the widespread use of demineralization technologies, reverse osmosis and irrigation systems for small groups of very rich people, thereby preserving the interests of the whole civilization.

These principles are not very complicated.

But humanity is playing with time.

As part of humanity, the WDG team is trying to do everything possible to win this game.

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